Covid-hit Champions Cup changes format

The Champions and Challenge Cups will resume in April with a knockout round of 16, after the final two rounds … More

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Teachers and other school staff to receive COVID-19 shots today

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) — Here are the latest updates about COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, in North … More

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A net zero India in the 100th year of independence? – ET EnergyWorld

More than a third of the signatories to the Paris Agreement have already committed to being net-zero emissions by 2050. … More

The future of QAnon, explained by 8 experts

If you’re a hardcore QAnon believer, you had high hopes for January. Among other things, you expected Donald Trump to … More

QAnon: Why this crazy conspiracy theory is now focused on March 4

Trump losing the election hasn’t stopped QAnon.  Getty Images President Joe Biden took office more than a month ago, but many … More

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Experts fear GOP and QAnon headed for 2024 merger: ‘Marjorie Taylor Greene may look like a moderate’

The QAnon conspiracy theory drove many of former president Donald Trump’s followers into the U.S. Capitol in a violent bid … More

Bipartisan Rejection of GOP Bill to Restrict Colorado Voting Rights – by Jan Wondra – Ark Valley Voice

Just when you think things can’t get any more strange related to elections, they do. Across the country, dozens of … More

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Reform in 2021: Vote at Home Institute sees state and federal opportunities

This is the sixth installment in our ongoing Q&A series on reform in 2021. As Democrats take power in Washington, … More

Bill to allow concealed carry at churches with affiliated schools advances from committee | The Progressive Pulse

Sen. Warren Daniel, R-Avery, Burke, and Caldwell) is one of SB 43’s sponsors. The state Senate Judiciary Committee advanced a … More

Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride – Full Lights On Ride & Walk Thru Behind The Scenes / Dinosaur Attraction – YouTube

A visit to Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride in Pigeon Forge Tennessee . Experienced two normal ride thru’s before being able to walk around with lights on as well as see some behind the scenes stuff . Finished up with a lights on Boat Ride . This has been one of my favorite attractions in this area for a while so it was fun getting a detailed look off the Ride.

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Why are Trump’s swamp creatures still grifting Americans?| COMMENTARY

Much of the Republican conservative universe has been united in their contempt of the now scandal-plagued Lincoln Project, a self-described … More

This is a sign of how much trouble the GOP brand is in

In a speech on Tuesday in Washington, Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney said something remarkable. “It’s very important, especially for us … More